How To Spot Fake ID

With the help of technological advancements, you can detect fake ID easier than past years. There are so many opportunities and even online resources from where a real-looking fake driver's license can be purchased and if you are little tech-savvy you can recreate the state license easily. In this article, we provide you with some information that can help in identifying modified, borrowed or forged ID.

The person with a fake ID can be detected by signs of nervousness. Darting eyes or fidgeting are some of the nervous body signs that help in spotting a fake. Be cautious if is young. You should also compare the person by the picture.

Look out for the facial features keeping in mind the hairstyles and colors change. Information like the height and weight details can also help greatly. Watch out if there are signs of alterations like fuzzy numbers or letters, red eye in the photo or bumpy surfaces that can be a fake.

Look for tampered key information like picture, birth date, height and weight. You should also look for legitimate numbers or a state seal as it may not match the laminated copy when put back in place. Find if the card has rough edges, particularly around the picture.

The expiration date can also be of good help as it can signify borrowed license. You should also check for an ID marked as a duplicate as it indicates that the original license holder would have requested a second license for some others.

You can also compare state's driver license details from a recent book of ID. Compare the birth as many forgers usually forget to change such details. You should ask for a second or even third form of ID if you suspect it. You can also ask for credit cards.

When suspect the ID to be forged, enquire the person about details like middle initials, high school graduation year and the persons zodiac sign. You should watch more closely for out-of-state IDs. Inserting key questions that is answered with hesitating response can mean a forgery.