Get ID Novelty Site tips to not get scammed and find legit identification online.

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Finding fake id online safety tips to not get scammed:

Do they show samples on their site of their fake id? You wouldn't by a custom portrait from a painter without first seeing they can paint right? Same should go for fake id.

Does the fake id maker accept anonymous payments like cash or money order which you can write in a fake name? If a site really makes fake id they will not accept mail in payment, credit cards, paypal, or bank wires. That is all traceable! If they get busted, then so will you. It happens SEE HERE, so be wise and STAY anonymous. Look for sites that use anonymous cash vouchers or liberty reserve.

Do they respond to emails with knowledgeable answers to specifics about their fake id products? Would you agree to have your automobile worked on if the mechanic couldn't tell you what type of engine your car had?

Is the fake id site located outside of the USA or Canada? Ever wonder why there is not a fake id shop in your local mall, because you know they would be arrested SEE HERE. Then why send your money to a fake id website online when the mailing address is in North America?  Magically being online the fake id seller is invisible to law enforcement maybe? Don't be so dumb and never ,ever order from any fake identification site with legal terms of service agreements you must sign or agree to online before purchase. Ever read the agreement entirely? No, you didn't and that's what they count on. Have a legal degree? No, that's the second thing they count on. All designed to screw you into acknowledging and agreeing to the fact that you are buying a "custom fake id". Not the picture of a real fake id on their website.

The fake id site is located outside of North America, so you say it is safe?  Some are and some are not! Good fake id sites are not around too long. They get too popular and will switch website names to stay off law enforcements radar.

Message board fake id reviews? Never believe an anonymous message board post, positive or negative, about fake id. Nobody who gets a good fake id is going to go brag on a public board about it. Negative posts about a fake id site are usually fake posts by other fake id sites competing with each other. When you are unsure, ask a friend who has a fake id where they got it.